Member marking boundaryGo to Hebron Village from the north via North Shore Road from Route 3A, (Plymouth) or from Bristol via Route 3A to West Shore Road. At the Hebron Village Store head west on Groton Road for 9/10ths mile. The Hebron Town Forest parking area is located at 184 Groton Road and access is on the right.

Explore the Hebron Town Forest:

Since the acquisition of this 450 acre property in 2007, the Conservation Commission has explored its diverse forest, fields and water. The forest extends in the north from the Cockermouth Forest (Bald Knob) in Groton, borders Spectacle Pond and meanders along the Cockermouth River to Groton Road.


CockermouthLedgeTrailCockermouth Ledge Trail

The Cockermouth Ledge Trail is a two-mile loop with yellow markers. Make a sharp left (marked) after crossing the bridge from the parking lot. It follows the river (possibly muddy during spring thaw) and climbs gently to meander through birch and beech forest, through an ecotone (where deciduous and softwoods meet) into hemlock forest. You’ll enjoy ledges that look towards Sculptured Rocks and then circle around to a beautiful view of the Hebron Church steeple and Newfound Lake.

Wildlife in the Town Forest - tracks of a bobcat over a fisherBobcat tracks resized